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Small Business

If you run a small business, chances are you’ve struggled with the decisions, learning curves, and TIME involved in establishing and maintaining a presence on the internet. Maybe one of these scenarios seems familiar to you…

“I bought my domain name with a “starter” web site. But the site just isn’t what I wanted, and I can’t seem to fix it!”

Ok, just a few questions and we’ll know what to do. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to…

  • Squeeze what value you can from the deal, at least until your contract is up-
  • Spend a little more for their “premium” features-
  • Call it a loss and start from scratch-

Whatever you decide, we can make the process a smooth and painless one. Contact us today!



I just want to write about my photography and travel. Why pay for web hosting when so many blogs are free?”

Blogger, Tumblr, and the free version of WordPress are excellent solutions for writing/blogging and we highly recommend them all… IF you have time and patience. Like any quality tool these too have a learning curve, and your results (and frustrations) will be in proportion to the skills you’ve acquired.

If you hope to build a full-featured website down the road, but want to start small, slow, and work your way up, WordPress is especially useful as it allows you to move smoothly to full hosting as your skills and needs increase. Tell us where you want to start or where you got stuck. We’ll not only tell you honestly if you can do it for free, but we’ll help you get on track.



“My site looks great and works well, but traffic is very low. What am I doing wrong?

At Knightville we believe in the power of “organic” search results: Offer a great product, service, or message; spread the word with conventional advertising and social media; and make sure your site is truly open for business.

We use all new “best SEO practices” in designing, coding and hosting your site at no extra charge. Like a garden – there is no substitute for a strong root system. With these pieces in place you will gain a very solid and authentic internet presence.

But there are situations that demand (and cost) more. We regularly partner with experts in the fields of SEO, pay-per-click, and online advertising. When you need a lot more traffic and you need it quickly, we’ll help you get it done.





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