About Knightville

Located in the “Knightville” district of South Portland, Maine, Studio B added web design to their list of services in 1993 to better server existing design clients who were delving into the world wide web for the very first time. Our clients put us through the stress-tests, and by 1995 we were ready to take control of the servers. Knightville Web hosting was born.

Our mission today is the same as it was 19 years ago… To carry your brand and message to the world in an attractive, effective, and affordable way, while sparing you the endless learning curves that come with evolving internet technology.

Whether you are thinking about upgrading your existing web site, looking for a better value, or just getting started -we’ll show you all the options- even if we aren’t the best fit for your project (though we usually are).

Let us know what you’re thinking, what you’re up against, and let us do the homework. We offer plenty of simple flat-rate packages, or take advantage of our ability to tailor a unique solution for your needs.